Terms of SEO, SEM and Online Reputation Management

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Now for this article well be going over what is the terms of SEO,SEM and online reputation management as well as five different job positions in this field of work. Now for starters SEO means search engine optimization its used to increase the search engine of the ranking of your content. Online reputation management (ORM) or as a term. It is usually for to manage a person or place reputation online into many categories of thing whether it be business or more.

It is great importance for companies to monitor how someone or so that can be saved on something that is perceived based on an internet search or so. In my opinion of this i think this is awesome cause you make sure that everything is on tip top shape and performs well. Also on one of the places for SEO in httml of the page itself, and you dot have to be a web developer or even a designer to make the changes that need to be marked up the language behind the browser. Content like reputable sites can be link to your page by doing this organically can not be the best way reasoning being why is that by violation so basically if someone screws it up there the in into serous trouble with the company and reputation as well. if other trusted sites finds something of value on your site. google can go look at it and be like that looks good.

Reputation management company be good and good use of SEO tactic to create or maintain a positive image of the individual or brand. Now if a company is haunted by past problems or events the company would hired an ORM company to reinvigorate there brand and its online image. By doing this it will bring light to the company and traffic to them. Most ORM companies do not tell if its being done.

Now as far as job positions they are five different types that are local which they have there own job salary as well as requirements. Here are the five different job that you can do if you know how to use SEO and OEM. Number one SEO specialist what they do is they review and implements change for a website so they optimize for search engine. Which it means that they can have traffic come there site. You must have a bachelors degree or a certification to have. There average salary is $49,589 in the united states.

Number two is Seo analyst they are responsible for ensuring that a business can be viewed found by potential and current customers. And is part of the marketing they make a salary of $81,00 yearly the requirements for this job is a bachelor’s degree and knowledge in httml and css. Number three website data clerk entry what they do is maintain data base by updating customer and account information. They establish entry point priorities as well customers and account source document by reviewing. To become one you must be able to have a high school diploma and two years of data entry experience or related and the pay rate for $15.64 an hour up to $22.24

Number four Phone consultant, they spend a lot of time talking to customer and regarding products or service company. Asking questions, answering to customer inquires, you must have high school diploma and they $77,368. Last but not least number five website / SEO specialist they review and implements to websites they optimized for search engines. which mean’s they maximize the traffic to site. They must have bachelor’s degree in marketing and communication , one to three years in online marketing there average salary is $53,328 per year. As a result these are local jobs and knowing reputation management and search optimization.


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