Positions of multimedia

Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash

On this article will keep this brief well be going over what types of multimedia jobs from project managers to creative directors as well production content writers/editors and video graphic. For starters lets go over the different varieties of multimedia jobs. Project managers, are the people who have overall responsibility for successful initiation, planning, design, monitoring closure of projects. To require this job you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and business there average for them is estimate of there salary is $56k to $97k on the other side depending wise what branch you are going for whether its regular manager job or just senior manager job different level of it. Next we have creative director what they do is film and music and other types like video games and fashion among other things are capable of doing. In order to require this job you must have a bachelor degree and a marketing field of seven to ten years worth of experience worth to obtain this type of profession. for there pay grade is a average from $97k to $140k per year. Depending on the company that you choose to work for, then there are content writers. For them they are the ones that specializing in what type of content should be appropriate for every website. to become a content writer one must obtain their skills through a bachelor’s degree and gone through course work in technical writing. There good examples of this position does such story summary’s, blogging and content piece etc the average pay rate for this job is estimate between $35,420 to $85,803 per year depending on the multiple job titles that they have.

What i like about this is just the endless facts of possibility’s with being a multimedia designer and different options of being in that industry or field. Here are other jobs that you can do that are up there in this field. Communication specialist they are more of aka public relations. There in charge of responsibility, Information, output, press releases and media request. what makes them so important is they perform liaison duties and promotes partnerships to assist with promoting programs and events.

Support manager’s multi media are in charge of curating a brand socials channel, monitoring and responding audience and comments social partnerships media. Colleges and university need people to fill those positions cause they help them get out there.

Video editor’s are the ones that assembled raw material recorded such as finished product ready for broadcasting. This may as well may include footage, sound effects and yet alone special effects which most jobs need people like those for commercials video ads and short films. They get paid approximately in the US $40 an hour or any where from $35,000 to $40,000 a year. This can be very good career to have as well creating your own content and making content for others. As far as all of this they are many great job opportunities in multi media and in the field.


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