About me.

Hey there! my name is Christopher matura I’ve been a certified graphic designer since 2016 how i started with my myself going into this industry is that i was always intrigue by graphic designing and art through my cousin but mostly I’ve done art as long as I’ve known. graphic designing was something my cousin introduced me into and i started to get intrigue by it given the fact the art work that he did on it in the years later I’ve been wanting to evolve my skills more and more to become a better version of a designer myself. So i wouldn’t put it any other to still enjoy doing art as a graphic designer and learning more. Ive done free lance work as a logo designer while i was attending school and little bit afterwards. during my down time i usually go and enjoying at wynwood Miami or concert maybe even both cause i love it there so much and now certified designer in digital multi media. .

Feel free to reach me:

@ (954)-756-0547