Animation and web banners

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Today we’ll be going over what animation is and web banners and how important it for a designer doing animation. Now for animation designers they have to learn how to create 3D effects yet alone for movies ,TV ,and so much more that it can be use for anything. Anybody can do animation but it takes time and patience for this article well be going over over what is the genuine use of animated web ad banners. Along with that the use for ir or web animation designers.

For web animation they are mostly often saved as gif ,css ,svg, for video. as well as underline that can be hovered over words to a full screen. From video to even background images can be also used with any other designs.

The wonderful use of animation is very important for a various reason it makes us able to tell stories and not even mention help us connect with people throughout the world in a way that live action films can not.

In today’s modern era are with computer generated imagery. Different animation can also a stop motion technique at a two or three dimensional like paper cut out. Along with that they are at least five different types of animations there’s traditional animation. 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics and stop motion. As far as that goes its easier to get into doing animation today the catch is hover is that anyone can literally can start right now but the art of animation is not a very easy thing to learn and can be difficult to master. As far as this goes animation has been around for a long time and still making big changes to our world and how we see things on screen. According to a site called web banner or ads are a form of world wide delivered by ad servers. As far as web banners we use them to help us advertise our work promote our business and yet alone creativity. They have a 33% higher response rate then billboards. The click through rate depending on the size banner ad is 0.04% web banners should have a very effective way on what should look like with a banner message that can get the point across along with a call action, kiss principle not to mention type and fonts styles. With graphic power and color’s that impacts meaning and symbolism thus in conclusion this is what web animation is use for for web animation web designers.


Concept of word-press

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In this article we’ll be going over word press and why its the best platform to use when your a designer and web designer. But first what is word press? well word press is a free and open source as a content management system written in PHP and paired which is more like a database which features include a plugin architecture and a template system. basically with this software your to create the website you want to create and can help anyone who wants to put themselves out there and to sell and market there product weather its a skin care products or freelance services.

Word press has given people the freedom to make a living for themselves on there profession and used as a portfolio as well. Another prime example is when your a blogger like me who uses word press as a portfolio to fill in my work and articles weekly. I’m delivering consent new for viewers to look at which gives you exposure to that them they can hire me for a project or a job opportunity that they offer me money to do it for them. WordPress has expanded over the years and now it feels like its on at its peak at this time and still growing to at this time and still growing to at the top of its time its been in ads to bill boards and commercial. its a high in demand web development site that can let you create whatever you want from a small business to many many more. Even freelancer like myself enjoys having this platform to work and grow that way i can showcase my work and content that i want to put out. But as far as that are a’lot of things you of thing you can do with word-press as far as being a professional on this it takes a’lot of hard work. determination to become one. Here are bullet points to become a top word press professional.

Number one support others’s according to a site called smash magazine on becoming top word press professional level we learn best by teaching things of other people. I just found out most people who use word press 95% bloggers and others know more about just by writing articles about it. number two write about word press by starting off writing about it is by heading to the word press codex. finding random page that needs to be edited and editing. The codex is fun on media wiki and any username can edited it . By updating you are contributing your own articles will help you hone your skills on word press. And then at last number three meeting the community now there is nothing like meeting your peers face to face to create strong and deeper relationships i cant stress how important they are in term of building relationships. friendships and your profile. with all of this said here are points that you have to acquire to yourself on how to become a professional on using word press.

Web Ad Banners

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For this article we’ll be going over what is a web banner as well as what is there purpose for them. well for starters the way that i see web banners are that they are drawing consumers or people that are on different content exploring into what website or link that is drawing them in for. Which in terms is basically called AD. According to the great Internet an AD is that bottom bar on ever website that your on and takes you to a different website. Can web banners be effective yes they can as google say’s the average click through rate on a 468/60 banner AD is 0.04%. with many forms of advertising can seem low. but if the rate is positive, its still an advertising success. According to web blogs an banner ads. Banners can cost roughly between $20 cpm to $80 cpm only depending on the size.

Again the majority of web banner is the purpose is to promote a brand or/and visitors well known more as traffic from the host website and to go to the advertiser website. The web banner ad encourages “to go on the advertiser’s website by clicking or it.” it allows people to get refereed to products to encourage them to buy. when your trying to catch the consumer’s attention its up to you to study your target market and see if what you need a bouncy type of ad or classy font on a neat background. Another good thing to have are discounts and whats better on able to reach potential consumers. When it comes to banner ads are a big part in the visual world reason being they react more better visually. when you are in this type of spot being exposed to thousands of ads that made the consumer immunity towards ads that has them learned strictly on the information. Mostly banner advertising refers the use of a rectangular graphic display that can stretch from the top and bottom or side of a website. The standard size is 468 x 60 leader board and inline rectangle is 728 x 90 inline rectangle large. Large rectangle 336 x 280. But as far as i know ad banners they help you a lot if you are trying to get attention from from one thing away from another on the internet and they are really very helpful and as in conclusion this what banners ads do and what there purpose is for.

Research testing and UI/UX design.

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In this article were going to breakdown how research user testing and A/b testing works for web audience. Along with how does UI/UX get impacted by this type of design? and the job positions and responsibilities that they have to do. Well for starters web test is a way of software practice testing to test website of web applications for potential bugs that way they can be cleared out so the site can function properly as well as quickly. The main reason for this is so the organization can be sure it works properly that way it can be accepted and used by actual user’s that is why the have web testing first for a reason.

The step for web testing are very ideal for the first step is to determine the metric and create task analyse that helps you figure out the metrics. Next is to identify mood likely find out the usability testing can take many form and range in terms of difficulty and investment. Afterwards next is finding valid participants and decide on who the what and where and just rinse and repeat the whole process. this will help alot in doing designing work in that department of work now some of you might ask what is the purpose of this as a usable testing while the main goal here is to get a better using understanding of how real users interacts with your product and knowing it and improve the product based on its results. the main goal of this is to improve the design. Up next there is A/B testing well known as split testing this allows you to compare two variations of design elements on a website according to google and research.Along with the purpose of knowing which elements to most effective at accomplishing a specific objective.

But there is more to it then just that there is also a UI/UX which is important but first we must understand what this is and how important. The UX/UI is a design that helps improve the users’s experience yet alone the customers satisfaction. The UI/UX design helps win the consumer confidence and use even more applications that helps them provide what they are looking for. The position and responsibility for a UI/UX designer includes just mostly gathering information on the user and evaluating thier requirements in the collaboration with there product manager who they have to report to about there and show it along with engineers.

Also allowing illustrating design idea’s to flourish using story boards and site maps. And another thing is the UI design represents the cosmetic of the body and its presentation and its reactions and sense. As in conclusion this the break down of how UI/UX designers do there research and work along with how they make an impact and responsibilities.

why Web Designers do Wireframing before they design sites, citing with my own Wireframing experience

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For this article will be going over wire frame and why web designers do it before they design sites. Now what is wire framing you might ask yourself well according to research on a site call from the UK in a section over wire framing. Basically it refers to when a client and a web expert designer come together and discuss the information of the web page.

Also as well as content and user experience in which i can say it boils down to creating the idea on pen and napkin and laying out what the layout would look like for the wire frame. Not to mention the size placement and the rough size of the specific page elements, from the conversion to the site features. But above all else the layout for each page has a purpose for the goal that is set out in the client brief and logical. What makes them so useful to use is that wire framing is a skeleton for thier project. Now during that time web designers have a chance to focus on what the user experience is only. What matters most from this all is the coversations from the customer and loyality.

Without the colors, fonts and as well as the imagery, the wire frame can let the designer work on the elements that are underlying elements of websites and change up anything that needs to be changed. Now for most company’s which should be every company depending. They make a list of what idea’s that they would want for the website. wire frame can help the designer determine the elements that should be in the page along with the functional requirements that needed to set in place for the elements.

When i did coding there is a a lot to process through its setting up from the html or CSS. We had with in two weeks to try and learning as much week can to get it was on and off with it. Now coding is’n’t for everyone but its worth a shot to try and learn the basic of what computer websites and how they work and function. it can get complicated if you cant get the first module cause you will be so clueless of how it works just be sure to study the full concept of it all and how it works like study analyze and then act.

Page Optimization for faster website. And describing JPG, GIF and PNG files used in websites.

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In this article well be going over the top ways for a page go optimize and become way faster. The website speed makes a good first impression its a very important thing to understand that if you want to get chance at it when it comes to experience you gotta learn how to. High performance websites results in high returns visit, low bounce rates, higher conversion, engagement. engagement, higher ranks in orgainic search and better user experience.

Other ways to determine your website speed is knowing your current loading time and that’s what defines how or what is slowing down your web site. After that you should be thinking of setting performance for your site as a goal. according to research done by google back in 2018 the recommendation for a page is three seconds. Minimize the number of java script and CSS files according to multiple websites.

Java script and CSS files this will undoubtedly speed up your website. try to group all java script into one and also do so with all CSS files. this will reduce the overall number of HTTP requests. there are a lot of tools to minty HTML. CSS and java script file quickly. this basically helps performance of your website is updated. This it helps with the website according to

Another way using website is using website caching is the process of storing the current version of your website on the hosting and presenting this version until your updated. Majority they are many vast way that bring it up to speed. a good one is data base, the database optimizes an effective way to increase performance.

Next we have GIF formats now what are they well its really a type of bitmap. Unlike jpeg or PNG. These GIF files or more like just GIFs are limited to only maximum of 256 palette colors. GIF image contain preset. while GIF’s is generally a bad pick for image with wide color variation. that color limit can help files sizes keep small. up next we have we have jpeg results in a loss of quality and these losses get worth each successive export.

Then there’s PNG which means portable network graphics is a newer file format if there’s one way of describing a marriage between both the GIF and JPEG format. there different variation formats for this and yet alone describing it as well understanding it yet alone comprehending and in conclusion this is what page optimization for faster website. And describing JPG, GIF and PNG files used in websites.

Knowing your audience

For this article will be going over how a professional brand designer knowing how to target there audience and how to reach as well keep then. For any professional website designer the biggest mistake that any brand designer is trying to appeal to everyone. As a brand designer they have to go target a, target of audience process. you know that you cant please everybody. your time,energy and money are better invested in choosing the right target audience. in the most aspect and also in organization, knowing your target audience to deliver a right appropriate message. in graphic terms a design product or service image gets referred to various products.

Understanding your target audience yet alone knowing them helps the designer to create a product in the cliental language yet alone talking to them. with out a doubt knowing the target audience helps the designer get through the designing process. What the designer does is make a product as a draft design with no target analysis what so ever only having brand guidelines of project. The client consumer might mis think the design for another organization which can honestly happen yes and just knowing which selective target audience to aim for. For stuff like this the designer must answer himself the certain questions when he’s approaching a potential client like what industry is the client in? and who is the client’s main consumers? what does he or she do for a living etc. all types of question’s. Now these don’t seem like an average questioner for graphic designer. But it will help the designer to shape the design a unique of the product and as well as the design for the product message connects the cliental consumer with the client brand.

Understand the concept in which a designer use target assessment could offer new perspective on how you market your own product to consumers coming information that i got from but so this what its mostly telling when a brand designer is doing these types of things yet alone watching out for these mistakes as well. just be sure ask a’lot of question of where the client is coming from when your doing this its very important for the designer to know what he or she is aiming for in the target audience range wise. yet alone pitching the idea goal to them that they want to get for them.

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Final article

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Final recap article

For theses past five months of doing my program digital multi media i’ve came into this class knowing that i willing to do whatever it takes to get through with and come out of this knowing a lot more but knowing that i am capable of doing this. At fist in the beginning it wasnt that bad first starters doing they’s simple blog entries of sort and doing photography shots o f the environment and cars for one I decided to do photography shots of different metals and variations of it. After that we had to do a presentation of what we took pictures of then after that we went straight into photoshop at first I was thinking okay we are gonna do magazines and photo touch up and so fourth but we didn’t We went into straight assembling a vision board well a mood board more like and had to create a mock up and a for it which included word marks and logos and etc but it’s mostly finding a great font to use for your word mark and the logo.Then we had our first aca test aka first adobe exam we took our first photoshop exam we basically had to study while doing our assignments at the same time which constant back to back. This whole program has made us jump through hoops which is like a literate trail by fire . afterwards with the vision board we created the logos through illustrator and made additional gif animation out of it. Doing this project challenge me but also doing the logo’s and gif animation for it as well , honestly i didn’t know how to do gif but luckily for me my good cousin who is a graphic designer and designer that showed me how to do them. after getting passed that we took on ACA testing while we were doing our project back to back we did it to our best to our availability soon later we hit indesign now indesign is the basic day one of adobe software but we di letter heads folders and business cards. i honestly think that the fact that the program i was boot camp but everything at a steady pace but you had to keep up so if not your gonna honestly lag behind in the class.

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Branding/Style Guide Design

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In this article ill be going over my brand design project and what is the point of it and what is it purpose for. The project is called Spex. now Spex is a computer based component parts company that helps users choose which parts that the would want for there dream computer that trying to build whether its a gaming PC or a personal one we guide our users to what components you need in order to create the computer that you want once you gathered the parts you need if your building a fully size computer or not. when we ship it out to you it will come with a video tutorial on how make it work and properly install it and assemble it together. The style of this brand is a fusion between 8bit and stripes of blue, black and white. Why did i choose this type of style well reason being is that i wanted to go for a retro in between style that i wanted to be modern. what worked for me was the 8bit since it the first ever true origin for the internet and little bit of style retro gaming. I couldn’t go fully retro with it because this is an modern app and not trying to give the idea of that this is a gaming app. its suppose to help assist people and guide to what computer component parts that they need in order to create there dream computer with component parts. with that said i had design the letter head, business card and envelope etc. in order to get the brand idea out there.

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The definition of in-design and etc.

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In this article will be going over the define terms of what is in design is. For in design it is a leading layout and page design and software for the adobe industry. It has everything you need to require to create , publish books,letter heads ,flyer,digital magazines, e books, flyers, posters and as well PDF interactive. Indesign is like the original adobe software that was ever created and enabled you to create many good impressions when designing for print, indesign makes it easy to manage your design elements and deliver immersive experiences in any format. The software allows a faster, a better and smarter with the way of using the tools. Indesign there’s section called the selection tool that lets work in path contents the page tools let you create multiple page sizes in document. Some of the tools in the tool box are for selecting. Edit create pages elements. you can change the overall layout of the tool box to fit your preferred window layout.

In printing, pre flight is the process of confirming digital files that are required for printing process and present, valid, correctly formatted and desired type or handing off document. It is also known the industry standard term for the process. It warns you if theres only issues that can prevent a document or book from printing or out putting as desired. Up next are E-books they are an electronic book thats is made is made available in digital form, with consisting of text or both readable on the flat panel display of computer and electronic devices. E-books can provide business traffic towards them yet alone inform potential customers along while also educating prospect for your designs.

personally from my point of view indesign is the foundation for all other softwares to begin with since its branches out most of the stuff that we know other then that its out of reach from illustrator or photoshop. If your trying to create an adjusted filter to a photo or using the wonderful pen tool among the other tools in the panel menu that you can use in illustrator meanwhile in photoshop photos and mock ups but everyone has there own point of views and ideals with these softwares whether your a graphic designer or just in general. And so on and so fourth they’s are what the defining terms of what indesign is.

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