Responsive Web Design

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

For this article we’ll be going over responsive web design and what it is do along with other good information as well as jobs that you can get in this field. Not to mention requirements and job salary. So as a responsive web design is a web development that creates changes to the appearance of a website only depending on the type of screen and orientation of the device that is being used to see it. Which this is the term definition of it also fun fact that responsive design, page elements are re shuffle as shrinks.

Recent work also show it is to build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and changes to the layout accordingly due to whats its meaning. They are four steps knowing how to create one the first step is apply media queries based on view port size. The second is note the width height that this is gonna show on minimal devices, third use any pointer and any hover for flexible interaction and fourth and for most use relative units.

They are different position to being a designer here are five different job positions along with requirements and salary wise. Here we go with number our first one is product designer.

Product designers are in charge of the whole process of creating products and setting it upwards as usable experience. starting with defining the problem and finding the solution to it however this is related to something very important the average requirements for a product designer is earning a bachelor’s degree commonly major industrial design. The salary on average $76,594 per year. Next is ux/ui designers they work closely with user experience ux designers and other design specialist. there priority is to make sure that every page and every step that a user can experience in there interaction there requirements are to be able to have ui experience along with demonstrable ui design skills, proficiency in Photoshop and visual designs there average salary is of $88,801 a year in the usa.

Next we have front-end designers involve creating and designing httml, css and presentation java script code that make up a user interface. Designers and the developers create their designs the thing is that developers get annoyed when designers design thing that make it complicated for the developer to understand. There average salary is estimated to be about 103,000 yearly set on the job market you must have a bachelor degree for.

Another one is being a logo designer they create sketch layout of logo designs on pen and paper and make multiple variations of designs for there client or company. the requirement to be is that you must have a associates to a bachelors degree or of a certification along with a great portfolio. There average salary pay rate is $45,900 per year.

Last but not least we have flash designers now flash design is specifically for web use web flash as a tool to help create animated interactive website and vector graphic, there are many job opportunity available through agencies advertisement for free lance work and cover work and directors. The requirements to become one you must have a bachelor’s degree in order to do so the average pay rate for flash designer is yearly $84,500. And in conclusion these are five job potions that you can have in the industry as well as the pay rates and requirements.


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