Linear and Non linear editing

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

For This article will be going over what is linear and none linear editing along with that batch process and project trimming and how these things work so here we go. So what is linear editing it is a method that is originally used with analogue. Its also post production process of selecting. arrange and modify images and sound in a predetermined order sequence from beginning to end. Audio data and the edits are applied non destructively. It involves images and sound on order. They are many variation types of video editing, assemble editing, offline editing , online editing , initial assembly and rough cut.

One of the most fundamental level in film editing. Tech and practice of assembling shots info a coherent sequence. an editor is not simply to put pieces of a film together. Now as far as none linear editing this type of editing started in machine corp in 1989 with the EMC2 editor. Non linear editing is a form of offline editing which is use for audio,video,and image editing. For original work that cant be modified in the course editing. Edits are specialized software. Other software’s that are none linear are primer, apple i movie, window movie make a final cut pro.

For none linear editing any original video or work can not change but only edited to a extent. Next we have is batch progress, it’s when high volume of data is moved and is available across most of intel products. It’s when high frequently used in collections. Another thing is that the technique in which operating systems collects programs and data together. Trimming is when you are cutting apart or sorting which pieces of film that you want to use in.

There also a difference between a trim and a cut and its this with cut you crop the and can’t get the part you removed back by dragging the side of the clip towards the direction you cut it. trim is the same as cutting but you can get the part you removed back by dragging the side of the clip or clips in general. Once the clip has gotten cut down or more like trimmed, it will automatically save. The old  isn’t altered in any way, but instead a new clip video file is created. you do not have to name it or anything everything is handled automatically. And that’s all there is to it.


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