Creative common license

Photo by Wassim Chouak on Unsplash

Here we go with another article for this one we’ll be going over over five websites that offer good stock video’s that you can use for your video’s that you can use for your video commercial’s or whatever you need to use them for. Along with understanding creative common licenses. Well for starters what are creative common licenses and what are there purpose for them. a creative common license and whats its purpose of it they are one of the several public copyright license that are used when an author wants to give other people the right to share, use and build upon a work that authors have created. All free cc offers that anyone can use to makes their creative work with the freedom they want to carry.

You can make money with common creative license and you get cut of the revenue to make money from displaying ad sense and ad videos you can find creative commons video’s you can find a creative commons video’s on popular to pic views you can add to own commentary to it and make it unique.

As creative common license go and understanding them here are five websites that have good stock footage and pictures. Number one Unsplash, now Unsplash has hands down in my opinion good image content that i use for my projects. Number two is adobe stocks which should be a solid main source for people using stock photo’s for there uses. Number three Getty images they have great images as well as photography video’s and music for business and an archive over 200 million. Number four Negative space this site has beautiful free images for personal and commercial uses for business,food,people and technology photo’s that are free that have or should i say high resolution and no attribution is required and last but not least number five Burst now with burst is a free stock photo based platform that is powered by Shopify there main site. They have great free content that helps users find the perfect photo from there stock collection which they are contently up loading and as well as adding new categorize to reflect current trends in eCommerce. As to show these are great websites to go to when you are ever in need of great photo stocks and videos for your business commercial or so and much, much more.


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